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Dinstar UBG1000

Dinstar UBG1000

Rs. 17,857.14
Multi Functional Enterprise Gateway with 8 FXS Ports (or 6 FXS + 2 FXO Ports). Supports xPON, Wifi, 3G/4G LTE, Gigabit Ethernet Port, Built inn Router, Firewall, Supports 32 SIP Extensions with 16 Concurrent Calls
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Brand Dinstar
UBG1000 is a multifunctional enterprise gateway that integrates voice service and data service. It is designed to provide flexible, cost-effective and future-oriented communication solution for SMES (small and medium enterprises), call centers as well as telecom operators. The gateway supports several access ways, including xPON, WiFi, 3G/4G LTE and Gigabit Ethernet port. It combines the functions of router, firewall, VoIP call, file storage/sharing and centrailized network management. UBG1000 has 8 FXS ports (or 6 FXS ports + 2 FXO ports). It not only can connect with traditional analog phones, PBX and FAX machine, but also can seamlessly interact with VoIP network and PSTN. Moreover, the SIP-based gateway is compatible with most of IPPBX, softswitches and SIP-based network platforms. Besides, UBG1000 offers high-speed VPN function and network services like VLAN and QoS. Therefore the gateway allows user to create stable VPN tunnel between two private networks, and to devide local-area network into several VLANs. VLAN can isolate broadcast domains (this function helps prevent user from visiting those websites that are not related to work), while QoS can limit network traffic and bandwidth. Meanwhile, UBG1000 provides convenient remote management function. It supports network management protocols of TR-069 and SNMP, as well as carrier-grade network management system. The gateway can also work with cloud management platform to centrally manage all devices under the same network.
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Brand Dinstar
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