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Dinstar UC100-1G1S1O

Dinstar UC100-1G1S1O

Rs. 15,357.14
UC100 All-in-one Box
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SKU UC100-1G1S1O
Brand Dinstar
UC100 is a multi-functional gateway, which integrates voice service and data service. It provides three voice interfaces (including GSM, FXS and FXO), offering seamless connectivity to VoIP Network, PLMN and PSTN. Based on SIP, it not only can interacts with VoIP network, but also supports four types of GSM frequency ranges, thus meeting the worldwide requirements about the mobile network. UC100 supports WiFi and has high-speed data-handling capacity, allowing users to enjoy high-speed internet surfing through WiFi or the LAN port. With VPN transparent transfer function, UC100 is ideally suitable for personal use. Meanwhile, it is perfect for small and micro enterprises, providing high-speed internet access, good voice service and messaging service.
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Brand Dinstar
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