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Sangoma A116DEPLNKIT Digital Telephony Card with Kit

Sangoma A116DEPLNKIT Digital Telephony Card with Kit

Rs. 325,000.00
  • 16-port E1/T1 Port Voice and Data Card
  •  Echo cancellation module 
  • 420 simultaneous voice calls
  • Easier implementation in Asterisk based PBX systems
  • Support for large Value-Added Services
  • Expand large IVR Systems and Call Centers
  • Easier long term maintenance
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Brand Sangoma
  • Sangoma A116 with 16-Span T1/E1/J1 Card is the Ultimate high density solution with sixteen spans of T1, E1 or J1 available with carrier–grade hardware echo cancellation.
  • Sangoma A116 is part of Sangoma’s family of advanced flexible telecommunications hardware product line using high performance PCI Express interface, providing superior performance in critical systems all over the world.
  • Sangoma A116 supports up to 32.8 Mbps of full duplex data throughput or 480 voice calls using 16 T1/E1/J1 spans.
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Brand Sangoma
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