With so many organizations and businesses making the switch from traditional phone services, only the best VoIP service provider for calling business can tell you what's right for your business. The latest studies and researchers predict that the number of VoIP users is going to hit a whopping three billion by the year 2021. This makes switching to VoIP essential for all businesses. So, in this article, you'll learn more about VoIP solutions and its features among other key information.

What is Business VoIP and How Does It Work?

VoIP stands for Voice Over Internet Protocol. Rather than relying on copper telephone lines, VoIP system transmits your voice over the internet. More and more telephone lines are being replaced by VoIP solutions with each passing year since these are cheaper to maintain and easier to use. The interface is so easy to use since it is near-identical to the contact list that you'd see on your smartphone. VoIP solutions can be used on phones, tablets, and computers. If a device can connect to the internet, it is suitable for VoIP applications.

With VoIP solutions, you are not restrained to voice calls; you can also communicate through video calling and text messages. VoIP is the future of telecommunication and its growth is only going to accelerate in the near future.

VoIP Business Plans

VoIP business plans are quite impressive. First, you have a wide variety of options whilst trying to get into contact with VoIP service providers for calling business. You can give them a call, submit a ticket, or send an email. You can even get in touch with their sales representatives through the online portal. Each party of VoIP service providers for calling businesses has their own support line, making it easy to contact the right people in record time.

VoIP Business Solutions Features

You won't run short on features if you go for the best VoIP service providers for calling business. Here's a showcase of each feature that you can enjoy if you switch to VoIP solutions.

1. Auto Attendant

When you use VoIP solutions, you'll get a virtual receptionist that can assist any caller and make it easy for them to choose who they want to get in touch with. This ensures that anyone who needs help is directed to the right representative without hassle.

2.  Call History

You can also utilize the call history feature whilst using VoIP services. Missed calls along with incoming and outgoing calls - all will be visible on the call history. This feature comes in handy when using a VoIP phone service as it allows you to keep track of your advertising and analyze its efficacy. It can also serve the purpose of a reminder to follow up on past calls.

3Mobile Sync

When you use VoIP solutions, you can transfer your calls to a smartphone even when the call is in progress. This makes it easy to keep an important conversation going even if you need to step outside the premises. If you are the type to conduct business while on the go, then this feature can prove to be a god-send. All you need is appropriate VoIP business plans, a decent internet connection, and you are good to go.

4. Individual User Dashboards

Every user gets their own personalized dashboard while using VoIP phone service. This makes it easy for them to keep track of their call history and voicemail among other things. If the information of all users was compiled into a single place, then it would be much harder for everyone to figure out which information belongs to who. This compartmentalized system offered by most VoIP service providers for calling business can help you keep things organized as you expand your team.

5. Admin Panel

Through the admin panel, you can manage all the accounts of users and even tweak the settings as per your requirement. This makes it easy to keep tabs on all the team members and perform system-wide changes with just a few clicks.

VoIP Business Solutions: Bridging the Gap Between Businesses and Customers

Having the right VoIP solution is vital to your business communications but the hardware you pair with your solution matters just as much. Whether you are staffing a call center or a tech company, the right VoIP applications can make all the difference.