Headsets are not merely just a gadget, rather it has become an important tool for people who have to take a lot of call as a part of their job. From employees at customer service positions to executive who often needs to be on a phone with potential clients, headsets have become an integral aspect that makes the lives of employees simpler. Following are some of the reasons why headsets have become an important part of basically every office:-

  • Flexibility and Productivity

With headsets, both of your hands are free to use the computer, make notes, handle files, etc. giving you more opportunities to be productive. Additionally, with wireless headsets, you have additional freedom to leave your desks and move around while on the phone.

  • Clarity in Speech and Voice

When you speak through a headset, the microphone stays in the same position as you move your head, so your voice remains consistent. Moreover, if you use headsets with noise cancellation, you can filter out around 75% of the background clutter, making sure that the caller only hear your voice.

  • Ergonomically Beneficial

Continuously holding a phone handset to the ear can impact your posture, leading to neck and back pain in the future. In fact, it can also cause repetitive strain injury. This is one of the fundamental reasons why the American Physical Association and many doctors physiotherapists, and chiropractors recommend the use of a headset.

Why Plantronics EncorePro HW540 is the Best Option for Office Headset?

Plantronics launched its EncorePro HW540 corded headset. It comes with three attachments for multiple wearing styles (headband, neckband, and ear hook), noise cancellation, a soft ear cushion, a cable ending featuring Quick-Disconnect connection, and a clothing clip for cord management. Similar to typical business-grade H-Series headsets, an amplifier or direct-connect cable is essential to connect this headset to connect to your computer or phone.

  • Versatility

The Plantronics EncorePro HW540 is a 3-in1 headset that comes with three different wearing styles. So, you can definitely find a style that perfectly fits you. It is a great option for offices as it allows the employees to choose their prefered wearing style with the same headsets.

  • Noise Cancellation

The EncorePro HW540 features a noise-cancelling microphone which effectively cut down the background noise of even the loudest of the environment. This allows callers to hear what the other person is saying very clearly. Moreover, the mic is also quite flexible to adjust for the right clarity and durable to withstand even the toughest of the environment.

  • Comfortable

The Plantronics EncorePro HW540 weight only 22 grams, therefore it can be comfortably worn all day long. The ear loop is flexible, that allows you to customize the shape according to your ear. This significantly improves the fit and reduce the instability of the ear hook. There is also a soft foam ear cushion, which offers a soft contact point against your ear.

  • Connectivity

The Plantronics EncorePro HW540 sports Quick-Disconnect feature that allows you to attach any particular phones direct-connect cable, amplifier, USD cable, or iPhone cable based on the application. This feature also allows you to pull the connect apart and move around without removing the headset or re-positioning it each time.

Getting the right headsets for your office is imperative as it impacts the productivity and comfort level of your employees. Plantronics EncorePro HW540 is one of the popular and best headsets that you can offer your employees. It is comfortable, flexible, versatile and a lot more that enables you to have the independence to efficiently perform multitasking and increase productivity.